The AFS720 Bandsaw


The best, genuinely portable, bandsaw on the market


Bandsaw Blades

Access Flooring Supplies is your bandsaw blade specialist. We pride ourselves on the quality and service we give our customers. We can supply the complete line of Lenox®, Morse® and Starrett® bandsaw blades, welded to your specifications for your exact cutting needs.

Whether you’re cutting tough alloys, abrasive composites, non-ferrous materials, wood, raised access floor panels or ceiling tiles, we have the right blade for you.



  • Lenox Dimaster 2®Bandsaw Blades
    The Lenox® Advantage™
  • M-42 high speed steel tooth edge
    For durability
  • Designed to run at high speed
    Runs at twice the speed of carbon
  • Increased blade life
    Lasts 10 times longer than carbon blades
  • General purpose hand-fed operations
    Tool & die shops, machine shops, maintenance facilities


Standard Portable Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

With Matrix II cutting edges and straight pitch teeth, these blades cut fast and last a long time with reduced breakages


Powerband M-42 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

While Starrett is widely known for its precision tools, the company’s first saw blades appeared early in its history.

Today, Starrett offers a broad range of industrial quality blades covering a vast array of applications.

The blades are continuously tested against competitive products for performance and life-cycle. This diligence, coupled with on-going tooth geometry and edge material research, assures the best possible blade life and performance.